Jolistina Susperio

Insane associate of Rolph Lamm


Jolistina is a young, Elven woman with long honey-colored hair and pale green eyes. She is very slender, very nimble, and very pale. She is also quite insane.


You captured Jolistina at Carowyn Manor. You were at the estate searching for Ruon Mirukova, who performed at party at the manor and never came home. What had happened is that Jolistina got into the party disguised as a servant, locked or blocked all the doors and windows, murdered everyone at the party, and raised many of them as plague zombies.

You captured her and turned her over to the Korvosan Guard. A few days later, however, a powerful spellcaster (her “puddin”) broke her out of Citadel Volshyenek, killing nearly twenty guards in the process.

You had your final showdown with this psychotic beauty in the temple of Uragthoa hidden beneath the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden. You killed her just before killing Rolth Lamm.

Jolistina Susperio

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