Belimont Sunteer

Reformed thief turned priest




Male Aasimar (Musetouched) Cleric (Divine Paragon) 7
LG Medium Outsider (Native)
Init + 3, Senses Darkvision (60’); Perception + 3
Auras: Good, Law (Strong)
Harrow Points 3

AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+ 6 Armor, + 3 Dex)
Hp 53 (7d8 + 7; + 8)
Fort + 8, Ref + 6, Will + 9; + 4 vs Chaos effects
Defensive Abilities Celestial Resistance, Lawful Bulwark (Shield of Faith 3/day)
Resistances Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5; Immunities None
Weaknesses None

Speed 30’
Ranged Masterwork Light Crossbow + 9 (1d8; 19-20 x2; 80’) or Rapid Shot + 7/+ 7 (1d8; 19 – 20 x2; 80’)
Melee Spiked Gauntlet + 8 (1d4; x2) or Light Mace + 8 (1d6; x2) or Sickle + 8 (1d6; x2) or Sap + 4 (1d6 nonlethal; x2)
Space 5’; Reach 5’
Special Attacks Channel Positive Energy (6/day, 4d6, DC 16), Deadly Aim (- 2/+ 4), Piranha Strike (- 2/+ 4), Spontaneous Casting (Cure)

Spell-Like Abilities
Cater Level 7th; Concentration + 10; SR Check + 7
1/day - Glitterdust (DC 15)

Cleric Spells Prepared
Cater Level 7th; Concentration + 10; SR Check + 7
4th- Air Walk, Lesser Dimension Door (D)
3rd- Fly (D), Communal Resist Energy, Remove Disease, Remove Disease
2nd- Locate Object (D), Blinding Ray (DC 15)_, Bull’s Strength, Silence, Spiritual Weapon (+ 8, 1d8 + 2; 19 – 20 x2)
1st - Magic Stone (D), Bless, Divine Favor, Divine Favor, Protection From Alignment, Ray of Sickening
0 - Guidance, Light, Read Magic, Stabilize
Domains Earth, Trade

Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 16
Base Attack + 5; CMB + 5; CMD 18
Feats Deific Obedience (Abadar [Sentinel]), Precise Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Selective Channeling
Skills (ACP – 4): Diplomacy + 16, Heal + 13, Knowledge (History) + 10, Knowledge (Nobility) + 10, Sense Motive + 13, Swim + 2
Languages Taldane
Traits Betrayed (Reformed Criminal), Resilient
SQ Armor (Light & Medium), Azata Skills, Bonus Feats (1), Devoted Domain (Trade), Divine Brand (Location), Shields (Not Tower), Silver-Tongued Haggler (6/day, + 3), Weapon Finesse, Weapons (Simple)
Favored Class Cleric (7 Skill Points)
Harrow Tattoo (Winged Serpent): + 1 Resistance
Current Harrow Card: None

Expendables holy water, vermin repellent x2, tanglefoot bag; Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2, Silversheen (in a crystal vial worth 50 gp) x3; Wand of Cure Light Wounds (CL 1st; 49 charges), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 3rd, 17 charges)
Armor Masterwork Breastplate
Weapons Masterwork Light Crossbow, crossbow bolt x20; light mace, sap, sickle, spiked gauntlet
Magic Items Boots of Striding & Springing, Muleback Cords, Pearl of Power (2nd), Ring of Swimming
Mundane Gear backpack (crossbow bolt x20, deific Obedience implements, Masterwork Manacles, silk rope 50’), bandolier x2, belt pouch, spell component pouch
*Wealth*218 cp, 25 sp, 333 gp, 114 pp; crossbow bolt x50 (home)


My story starts our on the humble streets of Korvosa. Yes, I was a street urchin. My parents were not known to me and I was raised in an orphanage until I was about 10 and hit the streets. I was good with my hands and pilfered enough to keep myself feed and help a few friends out who were not so good at it. I got a huge break when I was given work for the organization run by the notorious Gaedren Lamm. This was my big break.

I learned many skills about leadership and working in an organization. I made some actual money and was able to hold my head up on the streets knowing that I was one to be reckoned with. I had hoped to move up in rank and importance to take on bigger adventures and better jobs. However, over time I realized that I did not have the favor of Lamm even though I had sacrificed much for him, and always keep true. I never skimmed, or ran side jobs, or took bribes for myself. Yet something was not adding up, so I did everything I could to win his favor. Finally, I got a personal audience with him. As I tried to impress upon him my allegiance, I slowly realized that he had no interest in me. He was unabashedly enamored with my love Serina. Though she was a commoner and a human, she had a charm and beauty about her that sold the room. Lamm was tripping over himself to impress her. Little did I know at the time that he only invited me to win her over.

Alas, he did. When he grew bored with her a week or two later, she was sent far away, and had no more interest in me. He then cast me out of the organization that I had given half of my life to. Scared, lonely and aimless, I learned of Abadar and started down a new path to rebuild my soul and my life. After several years with the church, I noticed too much hypocrisy in their teachings and actions. Abadar wishes for order and peace such that commerce and prosperity can be had by all. The law should reflect that or be challenged in an effort to amend it to serve the best interests of society. The Church, however, seems mostly concerned with filling it’s coffers and keeping others orderly than it is with actually challenging itself to uphold any moral standard. The common people seem to be a way to create wealth and enjoy it as appose to sharing it. My understanding of Abadar’s holy incites seems to upset the rest of the order and has relegated me to basic tasks. I am fine with this as it lets me enjoy some wealth yet attend to matters in my spare time. Though I adorn myself in some nice trappings, I keep my appetite reasonable and dedicate myself to helping those less fortunate that I.

I was one of them, and I had to scrounge and steal for a living. When I did make a name for myself, I helped other, until Gaedren took everything and tossed me out. He probably does not remember me, but I will never forget him. Though I am not prone to vengeance, if given the chance, he needs to be cast out of Korvosa. This is my home. This is my heart. This is my place. I’ve traveled a bit and heard may tales, but there is nowhere else I should be. Korvosa can be hard, but it is magical, and beautiful, full of promise and opportunity, full of good people. I would give my life for this town, but I would rather life to a ripe old age here. Provided that no one can really tell my age. I pledge my life to show compassion to these people and to pushing out corruption, duplicity, distain and evil. I am charged by Abadar to help this city prosper even if it has to get ugly. There are some very ugly people hurting this beloved city and I now will do something about that.

Belimont Sunteer

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